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Whole genome information at the cost of genotyping arrays

Gencove's low-pass sequencing technology delivers cost-efficient and highly accurate variant calls across the whole genome.

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Our Technology
Gencove's cloud based imputation and analysis software transforms very low-coverage sequencing reads into over 99% accurate variant calls across the whole genome.
  • > 10x more data than genotyping arrays

  • > 99% accurate variant calls across the whole genome

  • > 10x reduction in cost relative to whole genome sequencing

  • Flexible updates and setup of new species

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  • Polygenic risk score calculations

  • Ancestry analysis

  • New rare variant discovery

  • CNV analysis

  • GWAS

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  • Available solutions: cattle, pig, chicken, maize, soybean, rice

  • Genomic selection

  • Marker assisted breeding

  • QTL mapping

  • Parentage analysis

  • Breed/variety analysis

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Companion animal and model organism

  • Available solutions: dog, cat, mouse, rat

  • Breed and strain analysis

  • Parentage analysis

  • GWAS

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Use Cases


Baker Institute - Genomic risk in celiac disease

Baker Institute is developing a genomic risk score that can help predict risk of celiac disease that is yet to manifest itself. Gencove’s low-pass sequencing will be used to establish the validity and utility of genomic risk approaches for identifying individuals at high risk.

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University of Michigan -    PSID

The Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) is the world’s longest running household panel survey. Gencove’s low-pass sequencing is being used to add genomic information to the study with the aim of fully understanding the interplay of genetics and environment over the life course of the participants.

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Animal genomics

Broad Institute - Darwin’s Dogs

Darwin's Dogs is a crowd-sourced genomics project studying how the dog genome has changed through history. Using low-pass sequencing, researchers are studying how genetics shapes behaviour, and psychiatric and neurological diseases in both dogs and people.

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Conservation genomics

Stanford University - Conservation Genomics

The program is developing tools for the next generation of conservation scientists. By using low-pass genome sequencing, they are investigating the population genomics of endangered mammals like rhinos, tigers, and lions. In addition, they are sequencing sanctuary and captive animals in order to understand how the illegal wildlife trade impacts wild populations and their cosmopolitan trade routes.

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Whole genome sequencing complement

University of Utah - Gene discovery in diabetes

Researchers are applying a novel and innovative approach to accelerate gene discovery in diabetic kidney disease that integrates big data from the Utah Population Database. Deep whole-genome sequencing on select members of these pedigrees is being combined with Gencove's low-pass sequencing data on additional individuals from high-risk families.

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About Us

Gencove is a spin-out of the New York Genome Center dedicated to making genomic data more accessible and interpretable through the development of molecular and computational tools.

We are proud to be backed by a set of world-class investors like Spero Ventures, Alexandria Venture Investments, Burst Capital, Third Kind Venture Capital, Version One Ventures, Refactor Capital, SV Angel and The Syndicate Fund.

Founding Team
Joe Pickrell
CEO & Co-founder
Tomaz Berisa
CTO & Co-founder
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